1. The article about Warhol and the Amiga reminded me of this tail about Steve Jobs and And Warhol at Sean Lennon birthday party.
  2. It's cool that USB PD means that a simple active connector and a standard USB power supply can replace all kinds of historical power supply adapters. However, it's kind of a drag that now there's a bunch of USB connectors that are invisibly incompatible - some USB power supplies support the Power Delivery protocol, some don't, and I don't know if it's safe to plug one of these "needs Power Delivery" devices into a power supply that does not support it.

    How terrible an idea would it be to make an adapter that boosts the un-negotiated 5V that USB provides up to the 15V that (apparently) the IIc requires?

  3. I think was was supposed to be the authors asp membership number if present. No idea how this would be verified or utilized by PC Board or any consumer.

    Ah. The age of innocence.


  4. > ASP IDENTIFIER: If you are an ASP author, we recommend that an "" identifying mark be added after the version number, to identify your product as an ASP-authored product.

    Hmm... I think something got lost in translation. :/

  5. Repo for the game is here : https://github.com/grubbyplaya/Sonic-2-CE

    Sad to say my bored uses of a calculator were more juvenile

  6. Whoops, almost missed the subdomain!

      [lammy@popola#skypilot] grep skypilot.projectit ../*.html | |
      sed -E "s/.*https:\/\/(skypilot\.projectit\.com\/[^\"'\\]*).*/https:\/\/\1/g" | \
      sort | uniq | xargs -I{} wget --no-check-certificate {}
  7. This feels like the forerunner to readme.md in git. Awesome that Clark development thought to automate the description of uploads to its bulletin board system.
  8. Good to know. I took jt to mean a pre production unit with last chance to fix any glaring problems before you stamp out a couple 100k or million of something. I was with an org that had several thousand “SLQ Anywhere” inside cover sheets printed for documentation. Sigh.

    Also. Very jealous about your collection. Protype hardware like that is always fun to see what could have been …

  9. Yeah, that's the version this post actually links to. I don't see any links to newer versions of GW-BASIC. It's weird, as the post title refers to GW-BASIC, but everything else is about DOS 4.xx
  10. from wikipedia 'On May 21, 2020, Microsoft released the 8088 assembler source code for GW-BASIC 1.0 on GitHub under the MIT License.[1] '


  11. Is this a different version of GW-BASIC? The article mentions MS-DOS 4.01. Perhaps it is the version of GW-BASIC included with that? I thought a version of GW-BASIC had already been open-sourced a few years back?
  12. Heh, I just checked my old ICQ number and the account is marked as "[deleted]" yet still has my old profile picture from more than a decade ago.
  13. DVT also stands for Development Verification Test. I own a number of Newton DVT and EVT (Engineering Verification Test) devices collected over the years.


  14. Even if I knew my id it’s probably tied to an email I no longer control.
  15. I had to look it up.. DVT is design verification testing. It’s stage where a product can be verified to meet design requirements, regulatory and safety requirements, and be assured that the device can actually be manufactured. I am surprised that Apple ever let any of these see the light of day.
  16. Regarding the character ROM, this can be found at Bob Zimmers' great Commodore 8-bit archive, see: https://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/firmware/computers/p...

    Regarding kana/kanji – well, my terminology may be fuzzy. But the emulator has "kanji" in the menu…

    Regarding katakana vs hiragana: I guess, the simpler strokes were one of the reasons. Moreover, it seems that in daily use it can be distilled down to more or less the size of the Western alphabet. While there are 46 syllabograms in use, 8-bit computers managed to get away with about half of this. (The Sharp MZ-80 is another example.)

    For fun, have a look at my own attempt at squeezing hiragana into an 8-bit character generator: https://www.masswerk.at/char8/#U3040 (A rendering demo can be found here: https://www.masswerk.at/rterm/ )

  17. Interesting! I always wondered what happened with really constrained 8-bit platforms like this when they tried to make them work for complex logographic languages with thousands of characters.

    Also interesting that they chose katakana over hiragana, but perhaps the choice was because katakana is more readable at pixel resolutions? I don't know enough Japanese to know if it was based on a technicality of the language.

    I don't think you mention it, but three of those characters are technically kanji -- the ones for day/month/year that are included.

    Did you get a copy of the actual Jap ROM or did you have to retro-convert a Western ROM?

  18. Voted :)
  19. I wish I knew how to figure out my ICQ ID so I can log in. I had a 5-digit starting with 4.
  20. Great article! CP hasn't updated his blog since 2015, but looks like he wrote a book in 2016 and was still working at Xamarin until 2018.

    I just fixed a bug in his Wikipedia biography too lol

  21. Wayback Machine also has a few crawls of this site's later domain, but I like the design of this earlier one more https://web.archive.org/web/19990125104528/http://www.win95h.../
  22. Here's how I archived all the theme files after grabbing the HTML pages with my usual wget-mirror alias:

      [lammy@popola#moz_addons] pwd
      [lammy@popola#moz_addons] grep moz_addons ../*.html | \
      sed -E "s/.*moz_addons\/([^\"'\\]*).*/https:\/\/projectit\.com\/moz_addons\/\1/g" | \
      uniq | xargs wget
  23. We’re in the Yellow Pages under Spatulas. This is an oddly comical page from yesteryear, nothing really to do with Spatual City from UHF but still a special look back as very odd time on the web.
  24. And MYOB but that won't be relevant to most people even back then https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MYOB_(company)
  25. Maybe it depended on your geography. In the late 90s it was really popular with almost 100 million accounts. Kind of like how WhatsApp is the chat platform of choice outside NA but has a gaping hole in US/canada

    Once AIM and msn came on it died quickly

  26. Hmm, I never (I think) used it. For me, THE place to chat was always IRC. And today, I try hard to avoid wallen gardens.
  27. I remeber a magical time when this was THE place to chat and reach people
  28. Author here. – If you know any PET 2001 programs written for the Japanese character ROM, please let me know. (It may be nice to have a demonstration program for the emulator.)

    See: https://www.masswerk.at/contact.php

  29. I stumbled onto the repo for this. Gives a lot more detail


  30. Sierra's AGI and SCI and Lucasfilm/LucasArts' SCUMM were strokes of genius and have been a major factor in these companies' success. It allowed them to not just churn out games at a far greater pace than if every game's tech had to be built from the ground up, but also made porting to other platforms much easier. In that sense they are the predecessors of Unity and Godot and all the other game engines we have today.
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